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Spanish Verbs Conjugation - Conjugador TIP - Verbal forms with enclitic pronouns

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Verbal forms with enclitic personal pronouns

The unstressed personal pronouns o clitics me, te, le, la, lo, se, nos, os, les, las y los can perform its part of speech of verb complement before or behind the verb. A clitic that precedes its verb is called proclitic and written separately -Yo te lo dije-, and a clitic that follows its verb is called enclitic and written attached to the verb -tírasela. The TIP Conjugator displays the verb forms with enclitic pronouns used into the Present Spanish Reference Corpus (CREA) de la Royal Spanish Academic (RAE). After examining the CREA, we have tagged more than 50 000 forms, with enclitic pronouns, belonging to more than 5000 verbs. You can view these forms when you place the mouse over the sign (+) in brackets at the end of the corresponding conjugated form. Example:

Infinitive: amar (+) Past participle: amado Gerund: amando (+)